Explore the Power of Superfood Medicinal Mushrooms

Traditional Chinese Medicine has found Reishi medicinal mushrooms to benefit our immune systems more than any other herbal adaptogen on the planet. Through millennia, Reishi (AKA Lingzhi) has been recognized as the single most important herb for Chinese longevity.  Chinese herbalism nicknamed the Ganoderma mushroom “The mushroom of immortality” because of the rumored mystical powers it granted to those who consumed it. Experience the healing properties of this mushroom for yourself! Click below for a free sample of our medicinal mushroom coffee or tea.

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Are you a visionary entrepreneur with an innovative idea in need of funding? Do you know a local non-profit organization seeking to raise monies for a special project? Or are you someone who likes to support cutting edge products, people & companies doing good? Check out LEOcrowd – no membership cost for either backer or project creator. Let’s use this platform to support the ideas and awesome things we want to see in the world!

The Mamalution

We are at the edge of a new way of being, living, working & loving in the world. We have reached a poignant time, full of possibility. It is time for every soul seeking truth to join together in conscious co-creation, in bringing forth the world that our hearts are burning for. This is a proclamation – a reclamation of joy, passion & primordial creative impulse. We are the sensual drops of Goddess dew dancing that beat. We are the sovereign, awake embodiment of the Divine Feminine. We are radiantly powerful and here to usher in the new paradigm. At the heart of human existence there are some basic inherent truths. Our souls have arrived here Earth-side by choice, with a purpose, a path, and a passion. Join a conscious community of co-creators, discover & BE who you came here to be! Join the grassroots revolution of mamas guiding us back home to ourselves!


2016: Epic Year Ahead

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The High Vibe Tribe is in high gear for the new year! If you are a visionary entrepreneur looking to expand your ideas and talents to a global platform and are looking for a supportive community where you can grow to be all that you can be, consider joining us! Seeking focused, organized, passionate individuals who are ready to step into their full potential and tap into the collective wealth grid of the tribe. We have a powerful platform, committed  people and cutting edge products to support YOUR success!

Here is a little bit about me….if you are called to work with me then reach out to me directly. I look forward to hearing from you.

Imani is a passionate and visionary “mamapreneur” – single mama of 5 daughters raised with”instincts intact” who serve as the motivation behind her success. A life long entrepreneur, she ran an all organic cafe called Alchemy where she educated the community and homeschooled her children for a decade. A “spiritual midwife” – she offers personalized trainings inspiring others to make educated and empowered decisions. She has a BFA (Fine Arts) and MA (Education).

A life long networker, she has a natural ability to bring out and promote the talents and expertise of others. Imani has maximized social media platforms and teaches others how to “humanize technology” by building authentic relationships with potential clients and business partnerships. Imani is currently co-creating a worldwide educational platform that is the vehicle for her to achieve her life long dream: activating millions of people towards global consciousness.

Imani’s strategies for success are based on concepts of “financial permaculture” – a sustainable and self-reliant system offering equal opportunities for all emphasizes the emerging new model of business based on transparency, collaboration and cooperation. She believes that together, we have all of the resources and wisdom we need to “surthrive”. By leveraging a platform where we can teach business skills, grow our community, tap into our collective wealth potential, become debt free and achieve financial freedom – we are empowering a future generation to not only be transparent and accountable through money management and ownership but also delve a new, healthy relationship with abundance.

Imani is an avid student of The Science of Getting Rich Manuscript by Wallace Wattles and is committed to activating the Wealth Grid by supporting others to practice these principles so that we may shift our collective wealth consciousness and embrace 5th dimensional prosperity laws.  “Man’s right to life means his right to have the free and unrestricted use of all the things which may be necessary to his fullest mental, spiritual, and physical unfoldment; or, in other words, his right to be rich.”

With direction, focus and a solid foundation – together, we shall fly! We are much more powerful together than any one of us alone! Welcome to the Grid! Let’s Activate!

To inquire about joining the tribe, email Imani@Mamalution.com

Sprout Mama Activations

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Sprout Mama Activations @ Alchemy in Hartford

Fall Series starts alternating Thursdays, Sept 6th 

Hands-on integration – imprint healthy eating habits starting right now!  Quick and easy ways to incorporate more whole, fresh foods into your life! This multi-tasking mama will show you simple and delicious recipes that will delight your taste buds and satisfy your body’s cravings for nutrient dense and mineral rich foods.  All recipes are 5 ingredients or less and are easy to prepare. Learn time saving tips in the kitchen, how to implement a food preparation system that works for you, the benefits of sprouting,  where to source the best ingredients and much more. We will start our time together with a superfood green smoothie and break midway for a delicious lunch.

Investment: $99 per class (includes lunch) Additional prepared food items available for purchase.

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