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Join us for an intimate exploration of embodied, worshipful love: healing touch, nourishing medicine food and resonance with the Sacred Names. Come experience the depth of community you have dreamed about. A safe space to surrender to the Lila (divine play) and drop into your authentic self as you open to receiving more love. Show up as the God/Goddess you are.












Experiment with Medicinal Fungi

Experience for yourself the power of some of the top super foods on the planet. Alphay is the leading medicinal mushroom company in the world. These capsules are a natural food supplement containing highly potent extracts of three types of mushrooms that Alphay grows organically themselves; Lingzhi mushroom cap, Lions Mane mushroom, and Cordyceps mushroom. In addition, this formula contains organic Schisandra berry, a berry that is considered a powerful healer in traditional Chinese medicine.

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Explore the Power of Superfood Medicinal Mushrooms

Traditional Chinese Medicine has found Reishi medicinal mushrooms to benefit our immune systems more than any other herbal adaptogen on the planet. Through millennia, Reishi (AKA Lingzhi) has been recognized as the single most important herb for Chinese longevity.  Chinese herbalism nicknamed the Ganoderma mushroom “The mushroom of immortality” because of the rumored mystical powers it granted to those who consumed it. Experience the healing properties of this mushroom for yourself! Click below for a free sample of our medicinal mushroom coffee or tea.

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MamaLicious Super Food Starter Kit

Everything needed to embark on your journey for optimum health & vitality! Includes the following nutrient dense & mineral rich Super Foods along with super easy, nutritious & delicious recipes to get you started! Heirloom Ecuadorian Cacao * Cacao Nibs * Goji Berries * Shilajit * Mucuna* Mangosteen * Maca *  Vanilla Beans * Coconut Oil * Chia Seeds * Activated Almonds * Nut Milk Bag & Bottle * Sun-dried Cane Juice Crystals *

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The Mamalution

We are at the edge of a new way of being, living, working & loving in the world. We have reached a poignant time, full of possibility. It is time for every soul seeking truth to join together in conscious co-creation, in bringing forth the world that our hearts are burning for. This is a proclamation – a reclamation of joy, passion & primordial creative impulse. We are the sensual drops of Goddess dew dancing that beat. We are the sovereign, awake embodiment of the Divine Feminine. We are radiantly powerful and here to usher in the new paradigm. At the heart of human existence there are some basic inherent truths. Our souls have arrived here Earth-side by choice, with a purpose, a path, and a passion. Join a conscious community of co-creators, discover & BE who you came here to be! Join the grassroots revolution of mamas guiding us back home to ourselves!


Fungi for Forty

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I am so excited to launch our Fungi for Forty Experiment with the goal of inspiring more mamas to give mushrooms a try. They are great for the entire family and are the NUMBER ONE superfood solution to combatting the compounding radiation from our cell phones and computers that we are exposed to on a daily basis. I was not surprised, but completely saddened, to hear the latest “truth about cell phone radiation” and the damage they are doing. The stats are frightening enough….lowered sperm count, and increasing numbers of children with cancer…but the new gadgets for parents for babies and toddlers (activity seat IPods??? are you serious?) are insane! Could we possibly expose our children to even more radiation? I thought growing up with a microwave was bad but this is *&%@ing ridiculous.

So what is a mama to do? The only natural solution that I have uncovered that can combat radiation is mushrooms. Yup, mushrooms. We are not talking just about the ones you sauté in the skillet….but rather medicinal tree mushrooms – specifically Reishi and Chaga. Reishi (also known as Gandoderma). Reishi (also known as Lingzhi in China) has been revered for thousands of years for its healing properties and has been called the Herb of Immortality.

I am not sure people thousands of years could have ever imagined the EMR toxins of modern day times, but I find tremendous relief in the idea that perhaps Mama Nature had figured things out in advance. It is my belief that mushrooms are here to heal the planet and are the only solution part of our future survival and will be commonplace in the cupboards of the future.

I feel blessed to have discovered a company that not only has humanitarian principles governing the way it does business but a medicinal mushroom product that parallels the integrity of their vision. High potency medicinal mushrooms are an essentialolution we have today to minimize the impact of radiation exposure bombarding us from every direction and to which we are all susceptible.

In an effort to inspire more families to give mushrooms a try, I am launching a Fungi for Forty Experiment (no, you do not have to be 40 years old)! When you sign up, I will send you a bottle of our premier mushroom formulation called BALANCE (how perfect is that)? You can stretch the  formula to a 40 day supply or go for it and take the full dose in just 20 days. It’s up to you. Mushrooms are what we call vibrational medicines and work on intuitive levels – which translates to those taking them being more in touch with their own inner wise guru.

Along with the Balance formula I will also send a sample of the tea and coffee. All of our products are tested for heavy metals (big concern in the mushroom industry), organic and star k kosher. If you want to just try our 5 mushroom tea blend (85% medicinal mushroom; 15% black tea blend) that was designed specifically for students and office workers to minimize the effects of cell phone and computer radiation (how brilliant is that?) – then you can order here on m

y site or request to add a box onto your Fungi for Forty order. You will also be invited to a FB Page Group where you can share your experiences on the mushrooms with others as well as a weekly call with me and other experts where we can answer any questions you may have. I hope you will join me in giving this a try. The bigger vision, for me, is getting more and more people inoculated  to the mushrooms and being able to activate a worldwide consciousness that will be able to create both awareness and legislation around what I consider to be two of the main issues of our time: GMOs and Radiation Exposure. Here’s to our unified health & wealth!to our weekly inspirational emails.

Want to stay up to date on GMOs?

Check out www.responsibletechnology.org (Institute for Responsible Technology)

The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation? www.ehtrust.org (Environmental Health Trust)

Go on FB and like both of their pages for daily updates!

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China 2013!

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I was honored to participate in the recent US Rewards Trip to China this past October – an all expense paid first class trip with the new superfood medicinal mushroom company I am working with, Alphay International. This past year has been quite the whirlwind for me as I closed my cafe and embarked on new ventures. Now that I have a house full of teenage girls I have a bit more freedom (and desire to travel :) ). I feel blessed to be able to share the superfood wisdom I have gleaned in the past decade with others worldwide while traveling the globe. This is just the beginning of my travels as I shift my abundance programming and open up to all the infinite possibilities the universe has to offer. I invite you to join me on my journey . Become a part of the High Vibe Tribe and feel the tremendous support we offer on both a personal and global scale as we tap into our collective wealth potential and are truly able to be the change in the world we wish to see…starting with ourselves and our families first.


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