High Vibe Tribe Priestess & Visionary behind the Mamalution & MamaLicious Superfood Product Line, including The Sweet Spot line of edible cacao body butters. Author, lover, healer, entrepreneur, mother of six free-range kids whose passion is to nurture, nourish & inspire others to tap into their own intuitive, instinctual wisdom. She is not of the belief that there is an one way of eating but is passionate about revealing the overlapping relationship between Tantra and the sensual side of superfoods – exploring the role of food in our lives, how we choose to nurture and nourish ourselves and how we can best counter the toxins that bombard us in the world we now live in. She believes that real food is our inherent birth right and that we can heal our world and ourselves by taking care of the divine vessels we inhabit.


Deep exploration of community…from learning how to grow our own food, sacred relationship, conscious parenting,wholistic healing, sustainable lifestyles, co-creative business models and communal living. We are on the
cutting edge of revolutionary ideas that are changing the world to benefit future generations….role modeling global citizenship and the possible reality of raising our children to have their instincts intact. A world wide tribe based on principles of love, sovereignty and truth. Gather with us at one of our many High Vibe Tribe Re-Unions or events.



It’s time to slow down, tap into our instinctual, intuitive mother wisdom & tune into what our bodies are telling us. Deep in our bones we know that things need to change. The Dalai Lama was quoted saying that “The world will be saved by the western woman.” We are at a point in time where western women hold more power than we can possibly conceive. We are driving the markets with our dollars, we are birthing and raising the future generations and we are infiltrating into positions of power. It is our responsibility to take action and we have the resources to make the difference using our $$$ every day to cast our vote  on how we choose to live our lives.

A grassroots movement is sprouting that supports increasing numbers of women stepping up as creative entrepreneurs and demanding more sustainable choices for their families. Collaborative strateg ies will build a stronger presence in the marketplace making it easier and more affordable for consumers to support companies that are operating in sustainable and ethical ways. The United States makes up 4% of the world population yet consumes 25% of the world’s resources. Women make up 51% of the United States population and make more than 80% of all consumer purchasing decisions. Practical, sustainable and savvy style is shaping a future generation of conscious consumers with the power to create change in the world. Our intention is to weave together grassroots efforts initiated by women visionaries of living more sustainable and fulfilling lives with ACTION. As one collective unified voice we are unstoppable.

Our Goal: 5 million consumers who will affect the marketplace with how they choose to spend their dollars and who will define how business is done in the future. Why 5 million you ask? In January 1776 a little book, Common Sense, by Thomas Payne was published. It was this book that moved a country skeptical of its ability to pursue freedom to full support a mere six months later. The population at that time in New England was 3 million people – 500,000 of them read the book and were called to action. Today, implementing the same ration and with a population of 300 million, we only need 5 million to tip the scale! Take it a step further to Cooperative Investing! Most women don’t describe themselves as “investors” but here is where the mindset needs to shift once again! The power in numbers as a unified force can impact markets.  Women are the silent voices in the “deep green” movement, and as consumers and Mamapreneurs, we have the greatest impact on the economy. Now is the time for the feminine voice to be heard! Become a Mamalutionary!