High Vibe Tribe Experts

Imani Mamalution

High Vibe Tribe Priestess & Visionary behind the Mamalution & MamaLicious Superfood Product Line, including The Sweet Spot line of edible cacao body butters. Author, lover, healer, entrepreneur, mother of six free-range kids with their instincts intact. She is passionate about nurturing, nourishing & inspiring others to tap into their own intuitive, instinctual wisdom. She is of the belief that there are many ways of eating, living and loving and sees the overlapping relationship between these aspects of living from a sensual standpoint. She leads Tantric tastings, Sensual Detox Immersion and is the creator behind the High Vibe Tribe Re-unions – an interactive integration designed to create a communal experience to imprint a new way of living both personally and collectively – assisting in the global awakening for the benefit of all. She believes that real food is our inherent birth right and that we can heal our world and ourselves by taking care of the divine vessels we inhabit and sharing that knowledge with others. She can be reached at 860.983.5276 or Imani@mamaliciousmarket.com

Richard Anton Diaz

  Born in New York City and raised in Stamford, Connecticut, Anton began to embrace the Tao as his personal philosophy in his first year of college along with pursuing a professional career in Music and Dance that would last 20 years. As a professional competitive ballroom dancer  he won a World title in 1989 and afterwards twice represented the United States in world championships. During his training as a dancer he was highly impacted be  the Alexander Technique where he began to appreciate the delicate connection between mind and body. In 1992, he met Master Mantak Chia, and began to deepen his studies in Taoism, and for the first time, was introduced to Taoist sexual cultivation practices. In 1997, he retired from dancing and began teaching Taoist practices full time. In 1999, he founded Sexy Spirits in New York City, as an educational center where sexuality and spirituality could be taught as an integrated part of our human nature. Sexy Spirits is an educational center in NYC with classes, lectures, and workshops, both live and online, that are taught in the United States. Richard “Anton” Diaz currently teaches courses and offers trainings that he has created including Tantra Tango, Mastering Your Orgasm,  Taontric Massage, and Orgasmic Providers. wwww.sexyspirits.com


Isis Phoenix

Sensual Shaman, Wise Woman Herbalist and Ceremonial Priestess.  Her work and offerings are a unique combination of nature based wisdom and sacred sexuality teachings that are woven together from an extensive five year apprenticeship with a Celtic Priestess, Path of the Sexual Shaman with Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Sexual Shamanic Priestess initiations with Anyaa McAndrews and Wise Woman and Green Witch Apprenticeship with Susun Weed.  Her work is dedicated to reclaiming the beauty, totality and pleasure of living fully in the human body and sensual spirit union and in right, loving and respectful relationship on the Earth.  Isis has a private sensual shamanic healing and ceremonial practice in New York City.  She facilitates private coaching and healing ceremonies, weddings for opposite and same sex couples, Sensual Women’s Soirees and group Sensual Shaman Immersions.  Isis and her classes have been featured in Metromix, Timeout, Jane magazine, NY Post, Tantra Café, NY Spirit, CBS, Fox News, BBC, Elle Magazine, Vogue, and Cosmopolitan. www.sensualshaman.com