flower essence set

Flower Essence Set

Flower Essence Set


La Vie de la Rose Ascension Oracle Solutions catalyze and support you in shifting from experiences of disempowerment, lack, limitation, pain, struggle and suffering to ones of empowerment, harmony, joy, love, peace and purpose.

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Flower essences are natural healing agents that work in the subtle energy system of the human body to create change. These changes in the subtle energy system are reflected in a person’s consciousness and life. Some flower essences are created to assist in physical healing, others to balance the mind and emotions. La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences are unique in that they address life challenges and issues by catalyzing and supporting Accelerated Spiritual Growth™.

How Do I Take La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences?
Our flower essences are taken orally (on or under the tongue) with the exception of a forehead application for infants and optional water infusion for young children. For our 1/8 and 1/2 oz. bottles, take one drop daily for general support; one drop up to three times daily to support resolution of specific challenges; and one dropperful (10-12 drops) for support during times of ‘crises’. For our 2 oz. bottles, take one dropperful (10-12 drops) daily for general support and one dropperful (10-12 drops) up to three times daily for support during times of challenge or ‘crises’.

The Ascension Oracle Solutions contain:

  • 30 Individual Flower Essences Corresponding to Cards in
    The Ascension Oracle
  • Convenient Dram-Size Bottles