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Ecstatic Birth Meditation

Ecstatic Birth Meditation


Guided visualization written and spoken by Imani Mamalution to serve as an inspiration to mamas everywhere to give birth ecstatically.

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Set to the beautiful background music of Opening to Love performed by dear friend Robert Frey who passed

unexpectedly in 2004. The inspiration behind the CD was the pregnant women that continue to enter my life

through the services I offer to support women seeking to achieve a Sacred Birth, as well as my own experiences

in giving birth ecstatically. Pregnancy, Birthing & Mothering are a Rite of Passage in the cycle of women’s

lives that extends opportunities for personal growth, healing and transformation. This guided visualization

speaks to very women’s ability to give birth naturally and joyfully. It affirms the ecstatic aspect of giving

birth from a place of love and feelings of pleasure rather than from a place of fear and feelings of pain.

From this place of Love we are able to bring our babies into the world in the peaceful, respectful way they

deserve. Birth Blessings to all the mothers, co-creators and their babies.