oracle set

Oracle Deck

Oracle Deck


Achieve the Evolution of Consciousness in one Lifetime that would ordinarily be experienced in many with The Ascension Oracle Solutions and their companion Flower Essence Set. Frustrated by lifetimes of incremental advancement, humanity petitioned the Spiritual Hierarchy through cries, declarations, invocations and prayers to quicken the time of liberation.

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The Oracle has chosen to speak! Introducing an UNPRECEDENTED Synergistic System for Accelerated Spiritual Growth™ from Internationally Acclaimed Counselor, Intuitive, Speaker and Spiritual Healer Dr. Natalia M Schotte

Stalwart Purpose StatementThe Ascension Oracle leads you to God/Source through which all longing is fulfilled. This is the time of transcendence! Let us give thanks and follow the guidance of The Oracle. Catalyst that supports you in shifting from experiences of disempowerment, lack, limitation, pain, struggle and suffering to ones of empowerment, harmony, joy, love, peace and purpose.

The Ascension Oracle
when used in combination with The Ascension Oracle Solutions accelerate and amplify spiritual growth. The essence solutions energetically activate the patterns of consciousness articulated in The Ascension Oracle and support their integration within your consciousness over time. The Ascension Oracle provides guidance as to what you can do to activate these patterns through your thoughts, words and actions.

The Ascension Oracle consists of:

  • Beautiful 30-card deck featuring full-color flower photos
  • Guidebook offers profound insight for the spiritual aspirant